11 Awesome Ruins of the World

On our planet we can see lots of magnifucent ruins around the world. But, there is lots of others, that we didn’t see them yet, like Stonehenge, or ruins in Greece, or Easter Island and great structures if Afghanistan or Iraq which we maybe never see in our life.  However, we have seen many ruins wonder all around the beautiful world durin our travel. These are the photos from that travel destinations.

1. Tonina Mexico


awesome ruins of the world

awesome ruins of the world…

2. Tikal Guatemala




3. Roman Colosseum


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4. Petra Jordan


5. Machu Picchu Peru


6. Jerash Jordan


7. Hampi India


8. Great Wall of China


9. All Giza Pyramids


10. Chitzen Itza Mexico


11. Bagan Myanmar


Angkor Wat Cambodia